Free Local Delivery

If you’re not able to make it to our pharmacy, or if you just want to save time, we’ll deliver anywhere in Texas and can overnight mail for free if needed.  


Compared to the standard pharmacy, our compounding pharmacy specializes in not just dispensing medication, but customizing medication for each individual patient. We work with your medical team to build a high quality formula based on your unique health needs

prior authorization

Prior Authorization

Sometimes authorization for prescription drugs is required when your insurance company asks your physician to get specific medications approved by the insurance company. Our staff will handle your prior authorization for you on your behalf.

Full Compounding Lab

We are accredited by Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) for compliance with PCAB pharmacy compounding accreditation standards. PCAB is a service of Accreditation Commission for Health Care and is a third-party accreditation organization that has developed the highest national standards.

Medication Flavoring

Getting young kids to take their medication can be tough. If you’re a parent, you’ve experienced the frustrating battle in the wee hours of the night trying to give babies or toddlers medicine.

Vet Compounding

Just like humans, our pets and animals come down with illnesses and medical conditions that may warrant the need for medication prescribed by their Veterinarian. At Alamo Specialty Pharmacy, we work with pet parents and their Veterinarians to create custom compounded medications unique to each animal.

Med Part D Counseling

Medicare Part D options can be difficult to understand. Because health needs change from year to year, and health insurance plans change annually, Medicare recipients need to re-evaluate their plan. Our staff will work with you to make sure your plan is designed to benefit you.

Private Consultation

Looking to improve your health, boost your immune system, and increase your energy level? Whether you’re struggling with weight loss, infertility, or allergies, nutritional counselling services our health experts are here for you.

Refills via IVR & Website

Alamo Specialty Pharmacy recently launched a mobile friendly website to request refills. We also offer a 24/7 automated IVR to for prescribers and patients to request refills and leave voicemails for our staff.

Medication Reduction Program

Our staff works with your to see if we can reduce the number of medications you are currently taking. We often can recommend different options to manage your medication and reduce your risk.


Alamo Specialty Pharmacy Autofill Program takes the hassle out of getting your prescriptions filled every month. We do it for you! If you would like to enroll in this program give us a call!

Prescription cost review

Are you spending too much on your current medication? Let our pharmacy staff help reduce your current costs by reviewing your current medication. We are here to help make sure you are not overpaying for your prescriptions.

Specialty Vitamins and products

If you are following a restricted diet or have certain health conditions, however, you may need a multivitamin or other dietary supplements.contact us online or call at 210-314-6782.

House/Charge Accounts

Alamo Specialty Pharmacy allows patients to pay for all medications on a monthly basis, thereby allowing delivered medications to be automatically billed, and eliminating the need for patients to provide payment at point-of-sale.

Med Sync

Save time and money by having all your monthly medications ready for you at the same time every month. Pick up at our pharmacy or have us deliver for free. Simply call us at 210-314-6782.